VOLT DATA LAB is a data journalism agency and consultancy, providing technology for journalistic ventures and data-driven investigations, news stories, visualizations, interactives, on-demand projects and training to media companies and NGOs.

What we do

Here at Volt we do a lot of things with data. From news agency and in-depth reporting to training courses and consulting, we are building a new kind of journalism services provider.


Our Projects

Prego! Find the tools to work with data

Prego! is a quick reference guide compiling numerous tools to manipulate, analyze, visualize and read data.

It is meant to be a simple, easy website where people come to look for resources and tools to create data journalism-related or other kind of projects.

How Brazil's economy is lagging behind

Volt produced a special report with our partners at fact-checking website Aos Fatos about the state of the economy in Brazil. We did the graphics, the research, the design and the text. 

NYC Landscape - a guide to the city's media companies

This is an on-demand project made for the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, in which we researched, developed the methodology and created a small interactive database about media companies based in New York City.

The project is still in beta mode, but all data and code are already available. 

Mapping community journalism

Volt was hired by the NGO Observatório de Favelas, which assists poor communities in Rio de Janeiro, to implement a simple publishing platform for their project to map community journalism in Brazil. 

We implemented the code and visuals behind the map, while savvy and bright young journalists did the content.  

First database about layoffs of journalists in Brazil

In 2015, Volt started to track, compile and visualize the layoffs of Brazilian journalists. Before this project, there was no measurement or data about this, and our project became a big reference in this segment.

Passaralhos is the Portuguese jargon used to describe layoffs of journalists. 

For now, this project is available only in Portuguese.

Data stories about Sao Paulo

For the Gastos Abertos (Open Public Spending) platform, Volt produced four stories about the 2014-2015 budget of Sao Paulo, with interactive graphics, maps, tables and in-depth analysis. Gastos Abertos is a project by the Open Knowledge Foundation in Brazil. 

This is a new approach in the media market. Beyond the quality of their work, Volt relies on a high level of technical expertise and journalism standards. - MIGUEL PAZ, Director, Poderopedia
Volt has made Aos Fatos a more innovative, accessible project. Its contribution to the growth of our platform is extremely important. - TAI NALON, Director, Aos Fatos
"The great thing about working with Volt is that they take the process of developing data visualizations— which can be complex, costly, slow and exhausting—and make it efficient, cost-effective, quick and interesting. We found Volt to be a smart partner to select for efficient, reasonably-priced, high-quality work." - JEREMY CAPLAN, Director, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism

Who we are

VOLT DATA LAB was created by Brazilian journalist Sérgio Spagnuolo in late 2014, and it started as a blog, but later grew up to become an independent, data-driven news agency. We are currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but we do journalism anywhere. You can reach Sérgio at Twitter and also check his LinkedIn profile .

You can reach us at info [at] voltdata.info.

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